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Aug. 13th, 2013 | 08:41 pm

My computer just recently crashed. Apparently my graphics card went out and decided to take my computer out with it. A 200 dollar graphics card dies out within 5 months of buying it. I wasn't even a hardcore gamer and it just dies. I play a total of 6 computer games that dont even take much graphics but my husband decided to put in a decent graphics card so I wouldnt lag out in any of them. Well it was a nice gesture but sadly It no longer works. I should of ran the shit out of the graphics card if I knew it was going to break withing so little time of having it. What was the worst part about this happening is was in order to repair it, I had to wipe out all the files then basically restore the system to its original state. I lost soooo many pictures of my daughter that I got off of our smart phone before she busted that. Lost all the photos I gathered from all across the iternet of my favorite anime characters. Lost all my steam game data so I have to restart all my games all over again. Not to mention I had to reinstall all the games and programs I was using. Sometimes I hate technology. Enough rant time to eat.

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