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Late Birthday Entry

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May. 1st, 2013 | 11:59 pm

So my brithday has already passed and my husband couldnt afford a gift for me at the time, (even though I told him that the 3DS with the kingdome hearts dream drop distance game was more then enough) he did end up getting me something. He bought me Borderlands 2 for the computer so we could play together. He's such a great guy I honestly dont know how I got soo lucky to have met him. He treats me like a queen and our daughter like a princess. Hes a great guy and I have World of Warcraft to thank for bringing us together. Judge that game all you want but if it wasnt for it, Id be all alone with out a little girl and husband to fill my life with joy. I also got to make a sugar free cake with my hunny on my b-day too. Life is good :)

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